"When I came to the 'BG' I was broken. Through the magic of this place I feel 100% better. I still have a long way to go but through fellowship, counseling, a full belly and a comfortable bed I've come a long way. My family says I sound like my old self again. They thought I was going to die ."

Hunt C., age 21, single

"I have ten times more good days than bad now. I love this place. I feel it is an honor and privilege to be here. Thank you so much and may God bless each and every body on this staff."

Steve M., former U. S. Marine, age 40, married

"I found a great sponsor from the BGH alumni and we are vigorously working the 12 steps. BGH is an anchor in my life - a vital part of my recovery."

Adam H., age 61, married

"BGH has given me a chance to turn my life around. My family and friends are grateful they are getting the old Tom back."

Tom C., U.S. Navy Reserves, age 46, married, 2 children

"The structured program is wonderful. I gained a great foundation to continue my journey in sobriety."

Ernie S., age 77, 2 grandchildren

 "The fellowship and camaraderie I've gained are amazing. I loved my time here and the freedom I had as it helped me step back into the real world ."

Nathan C., age 18, single

"My experience here has been a complete spiritual, mental and physical awakening. To the House I will forever be grateful."

Joey K., alumnus, 2002

"My family is far away from BGH. When I call they are relieved and happy to know I am in a safe environment and working on my recovery. They can hear in my voice and my heart the progress I am making here. I am blessed for having this wonderful experience at BGH. It has saved my life."

Dale W., alumnus 2004

"BGH gave me the gift of seeing my firstborn graduate under the best conditions I could have hoped for. For this I will be forever thankful."

Derek B., alumnus, 2004

"This has been a blessing. . . being put in this home and finding out that this is exactly what I needed: direction, suggestion, program and fellowship."

Thomas P., alumnus 2004

"My friends have commented on my newfound serenity and calmness. BGH has given me the tools to live a sober and peaceful life. I look forward to returning and participating in after care and being of service to the newcomer."

Nick B., alumnus 2003

"The new structured program is wonderful. I have gained a great foundation to continue my journey in sobriety."

Ernie S., alumnus, 2004


"My experience here has been a complete spiritual, mental and physical awakening. To the House I will forever be grateful."

Joey K., alumnus, 2002

"My residency has meant more than I could have imagined. I thought I was coming here to fix a heroin problem and got a miracle of fellowship and spirituality."

John F., alumnus, 2002

"Before I had no friends. People didn't want anything to do with me. Today I can walk proud and look people in the eye, while speaking the truth. Today I have serenity."

James N., alumnus, 2002

"Bishop Gooden Home has offered me the perfect environment for establishing a solid foundation of recovery. I came to BG because I was about to relapse again and I felt this was my only hope of avoiding disaster. Now I am enthusiastic again about attending A.A. and G.A. meetings, working the steps, having a sponsor and praying for strength from a power greater than myself. Thank you "BG" from the bottom of my heart."

Randy J., Alumnus, 2002

"BG" showed me that I could change from being an active drug addict to have a life of recovery. My mother is soooo happy now. I am proud of myself for sticking with the program one day at a time and accepting God's gifts."

Mitch S., alumnus, 2002

The "BG" (short for Bishop Gooden Home) is the next best thing to being "at home."

Bruce L., alumnus, 2002

"I came to Bishop Gooden Home in a depressed alcoholic state after quite a number of years of drinking and numerous attempts to get sober. I had no confidence in myself and was given an ultimatum by my wife- "get sober or leave!" Her sincerity frightened me into reluctantly checking into "BG." The first few days I was detoxing and was so miserable and sick that I was not sure if I would be able to make it. But the feeling passed and I settled into the "BG" routine. I came to embrace the program that, for me, dealt with positive reinforcement that went along with a certain degree of trust. I responded to my newfound sobriety by seeking volunteer work to make me feel useful and productive again. "BG" allowed me to regain certain values and rebuild my self-esteem. My family is very happy with my progress and positive attitude in contrast to the self-pity I had before. I have made amends to my family and started to re establish the closeness we once had."

Ron L., alumnus, 2002

"My experience at BGH has been wonderful. The staff and my peers have meant the world to me. This has played an integral part in my rehabilitation back into society. This is a magical place."

Mike B., alumnus, 2001

"I cannot express the gratitude I feel in a few words. My life is completely new. I believe in God and have a whole new set of priorities. I am sober - which now means I am living life instead of avoiding it."

Kris F., alumnus 2001

"BGH took me in, showed me how to use the "Steps" to have a life that is loving, joyous and free. I will never forget the attentive staff, the great food and the brotherhood of the residents."

Terry M., alumnus, 2000

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